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Category : Sacred Sexuality - - - - Previous Page

Comments to article entitled :
Let's Talk About Sex!
{written by : Satina M. Scott}

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Article is about :
LOTS of buttons are about to be pushed, here. If you're not into that, you're free to leave now and maybe come back another time. Believe me, I understand.

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Comment ID: 138 2011-11-12 Comment By : Zen
Thank you, that was just what the doctor ordered. Thank you so much.
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Comment ID: 137 2011-11-04 Comment By : Fara
Human is born bi-sexual, the rest develops according to the conditioning. The real marriage or partnership happens only when one finds his/her other half inside. What is known as soul mate, haven"t been or become an outer reality in my life and I think that the best I can do is to create a generic soul mate in the outer world, who could resemble the real soul mate. No manifestation yet! Thank U for the uplifting and delighting article.
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