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Comments to article entitled :
Fill me up, thanks..
{written by : Pieter Heydenrych}

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Recently, I was reminded that one of the things that can be done with Reiki Energy, is application of this to objects in our environment, increasing their positive vibrations and influence on the environment. Essentially loading an object with Reiki Energy, realigns the energy patterns of the object into a...

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Comment ID: 120 2011-01-13 Comment By : mbt

This is a great article, thank you for sharing.
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Comment ID: 34 2009-04-08 Comment By : Author
If you have attempted this a few times, one of the likely difficulties with this process is that of staying awake. The experience proves to be so relaxing and enjoyable, that people tend to fall asleep.

And even though this is not the worst thing that could happen, it does prevent you from getting the full benefit possible from this practice.

To stay awake long enough to fully complete your full body energy loading, I have found that repeating a simple mantra, or affirmation does the trick beautifully. The rule of course, keep it simple. And during your loading, attempt foccussing on the loading (if not at the same time, in an alternating format) then the affirmation.

One of the biggest benefits of repeating an affirmation during your loading, is that your mind is much more open to suggestion than usual. So the imprint value of the affirmation is significantly higher than when you are simply repeating this during your normal conscious state.

A simple but very effective and valuable affirmation could be for example - I AM HEALTHY--

Anyway, hope this is useful..

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