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Comments to article entitled :
Create Your Own Reality
{written by : Judy Miller Dienst}

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Article is about :
Your health, wealth, and happiness are created from within. It's not what people tell you, it's what you tell yourself, that creates your reality. The power of change is within your thoughts, words, and feelings. Becoming self empowered and creating a different reality is only a word away.

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Comment ID: 96 2010-05-01 Comment By : Create Your Own Reality
Comment to comment by Greg Gourdian, aka Grigori Rho Gharveyn, Roger Holler... on 2010-04-06

Thank you, Greg, for your review. You have a very good point and I agree. Thanks for sharing this information.

Namaste, Judy Miller Dienst
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Comment ID: 81 2010-04-06 Comment By : Greg Gourdian, aka Grigori Rho Gharveyn, Roger Holler...
Hi Judy, we totally agree with your thesis, that we all make our own realities. You have helped describe this process very well. Your "stop sign" technique may be a very valuable tool for deprogramming repetitive self-destructive emotional and cognitive habits.
However, we may have an issue with one of your statements in particular, that you cannot change the past.
Study of how human memory works indicates that people change what they believe they remember over time. Our egos typically gradually redescribe past events in our lives until we have adjusted them to fit our personal agendas more comfrotably.
While the so-called "real events" of the past may seem immutable, people"s individual and collective perceptions of past events may change dramatically over time.
One NLP technique (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) advises to deliberately edit past memories if they seem too painful or crippling. This technique works well, in our opinion. It is less important whether other people agree with the past you recreate for yourself in this manner, than that you ameliorate the painful, crippling behaviors your unedited memories may create for you.
We believe the very good advise you give your readers to create their own realities in the present, can be successfully applied to the past too.
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by Pieter Heydenrych
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