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Comments to article entitled :
Imaginal Cells and the Akashic Records
{written by : Ernesto Ortiz}

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Article is about :
I was in deep meditation when a flash-back from an incident that happened when I was 40 years old came up, the feelings and emotions surfaced, and I was faced with almost the same amount of pain that I had experienced then. This took me much by surprise, since I..

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Comment ID: 123 2011-02-21 Comment By : Ernesto
Hello Konstandina, Thak you for your comment. If you want you can sign for my monthly newsletter.

Much love
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Comment ID: 122 2011-02-13 Comment By : Konstadina Sadoriniou
This is quite an extraordinary coincidence! I am also an akashic records reader and teacher and just couple of days back I asked the records to show me of what"s happening and what I can do in connection to a chronic problem I have. What they showed be was something very similar to what it is described here. I saw in the area where the main problem is an accumulation of what looked like pearlesant bubbles tinted with soft orance around their edge all stack with each other. The guidance was to use my hands or the hands of my energetic body to separate these bubbles to be able to better clear them. Although the records and masters have guided me towards the creation of a new healing modality - Etheric DNA Regeneration - that clears energetic imprints from the cells of all bodies and deep from within the DNA, this seemed to be something different and might require a different or additional approach to healing such ailments and the energetic cluster of these negative imprints that need to be cleared before any physical healing takes place. I"ll be happy if you wish to keep in touch with me in connection to this. Thanks for sharing!!
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