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Comments to article entitled :
The Basics of Magick
{written by : John Cross}

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Article is about :
Magick has been described as the art of bringing about change in accordance with your will. However, the secrets of magick have often been unnecessarily complicated or kept hidden away from public view amidst claims of these things being too dangerous for all but a select few.

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Comment ID: 133 2011-07-05 Comment By : Einder Darkwolf
I"ve been saying this for years. I do believe that magick can be extremely dangerous to those who harbor ill intent while studying. I thank you for publishing a paper on it though. You are extremely correct.
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Comment ID: 93 2010-05-01 Comment By : Editors Choice - May 2010
This article has been chosen for its informational value.

Some very useful comments about what this is really all about. Especially important for people just entering their journey on this path.

Thanks for a great submission
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