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Comments to article entitled :
My 55th Year Practicing Traditional Shamanism
{written by : Shaman Elder Maggie }

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Article is about :
As Shaman Elder Maggie Celebrates 55 years as a practicing Traditional Shaman following her own family lineage and practices, she shares what she has learned about healing with all of us.

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Comment ID: 131 2011-05-12 Comment By : kristine
i am a student of shaman elder maggie"s for the past 2 years. she is by far the most wonderful person i"ve ever known. she is not better than anyone else, but her sheer experience and practice of shamanism for so many years that she shares leaves me relieved, and inspired all the time. she truly is one of the planet"s most trusted healers. thank you shaman maggie for this article. it brought me peace this morning as my husband has been feeling fearful for no reason lately... i will share it with him now too.
love and namaste, kristine
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Comment ID: 130 2011-05-05 Comment By : Meghan Shupp
That was beautifully spoken Shaman Maggie. To show the innate struggles of human life melded into the peace of the inner worlds isn"t easy to do in so many words or may I say in lessons, but you do both very well!

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Comment ID: 128 2011-04-16 Comment By : Billy k.

I love this article. It is so wonderfull to know that there is a place of no suffering. A place of healing and wholeness. Thank You Shaman Maggie you have made my heart that much more lighter today.

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Comment ID: 127 2011-04-15 Comment By : Cal R.
It is so easy to forget in our busy lives that God isn"t “out there” and "far away", but right here, in this moment and always loving us. Thank you Shaman Maggie for reminding us of this truth.
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Comment ID: 126 2011-04-14 Comment By : Maureen R.
Shaman Elder Maggie, you have inspired me so much. Reading these words of comfort gives me a sense of peace right now. They so resonate within me. Thank you for offering to help me find this place of peace within myself. As I said, I feel it even now and it feels GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! So it isn"t outside of us. It isn"t outside of me. Wow.
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