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Comments to article entitled :
In Pursuit of Freedom
{written by : Pieter Heydenrych}

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Article is about :
The reality of human life is that freedom can only exist in an environment / society that has no consequences....

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Comment ID: 140 2012-07-06 Comment By : Malana Ashlie
Interesting article Peter. It offers food for thought. In my naturopathic work with animals I have found that freedom is instinctive to all life. I have had rescued fledgling (birds) refuse to take food from humans for days...all their efforts are for freedom.

In an attempt to keep our children safe we begin teaching them limitations; training them to accept less than their spirit seeks. By the time they are adults they/we are conditioned to desire the easiest way; the safest way. Our freedoms are what we exchange for that same safety and ease. Collectively, we begin to see that as the right way and conform for acceptance from our society. Where as self reliance and personal responsibility (as with forefathers) are the elements freedom is built on.

Thank you so much for a thought provoking article.
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