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Definition word count : 123 -- Definition Id : 81 -- Definition active date : 2009-07-30 -- Definition views : 339

Category : Super-Consciousness
Plural form : Psychics

A psychic is a person that can see and know things most of us cannot. Sometimes called a medium or spiritualist, they can sense things other people can’t by means other than the five senses we all possess: smell, touch, hearing, sight, and taste. A psychic may have abilities such as clairvoyance (the ability to “see” distant people, objects or events), psychometry (the ability to be exposed to an object or area and know its past), and precognition (the ability to know about events before they occur). They often do readings for an individual to help give guidance with decisions, tell them what will happen in the future, or help them come in contact with a loved one who has passed on.

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