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Enemies in Astral reality

{written by : Tina Morrison}

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What happens when you participate in hurting someone deliberately. Do you get away with it by simply asking for forgiveness?

Harming someone in deliberate manner creates masses of negative, very dense energy, which like any other energy, once is born, is alive. Anger and sorrow can be very expressive in it’s depth and got tendency to spread like a fire if not controlled. Both are equally powerful, and yet different. We all know that an angry outburst often brings relief, but sorrow can destroy your soul like a cancer, and - weakens your will. Those are like wounds, but unlike bodily wounds, we are dealing here with unhealed emotions. Body heals, but the wounded mind operates on different level and requires much longer time to recover. Quite often the process is not completed during earth life and is carried forward, to afterlife. The ‘unfinished business’ is by then well-established. Once the peace of mind is disturbed, the debt is created (by the guilty party).

Urgent energy balancing is needed to settle the deed. Of course, this is never a simple thing to do. There are often many reasons and mixed dynamics taking place before ‘the crime’ is committed, and all too often both sides contribute to anger and dispute. To measure the amount of pain you got or created, is to listen to your heart, because you may lie to the whole world but in your heart you know the truth. Once you admit being on the wrong side, the energy balancing can start taking place. And again, this is by no means an easy thing to do. First of all, seeking the forgiveness must be put in motion, secondly, accepting a punishment, which is decided by the victim alone. No third party can interfere, as the processes is deeply intimate and must be balanced only between those directly involved. If proper healing is aimed to be achieved, no other dealing would do. Simply saying; I’m sorry, - is not enough. That alone will not clear the huge mass of negative energy which is created sometimes over many long years of pure misery and pain. Forgiveness without punishment is not a virtue, but stupidity. It’s a useless exercise. What you must understand, that justice is about balance, and the latter cannot be achieved with couple of words. It can only be done if the punishment is equal to committed crime. No more, but not less either. Would you be happy if you lent somebody a hundred pounds and they give you back a penny? Of course not. A debt it not paid unless is paid in full.

Because of the law of natural segregation in afterlife, any negotiations between individuals from different levels of dwelling is simply speaking, difficult, and sometimes, almost impossible. But it can be done if desire of settling a debt is strong enough. One must remember; nothing is impossible where the power of mind and spirit is concerned. Of course, it would be much easier to settle all debts while here, on Earth. But, we all know that is not always possible. When one crosses over to Astral world, the consciousness comes ’alive’. This kind of ’awakening’ can be both sobering and brutal. There is no escape from its force, nowhere to hide. Things you often scooped ’under the carpet’ suddenly come alive. All unresolved issues, sorrow and anger comes to face you. The choice is yours of course. You can walk away by doing nothing about it, or, start a healing process there and then. Like here on Earth, the choices you make in Astral reality will also effect your next steps. Such is the Universal law. Unresolved negative issues will continue to produce masses of negative energy, which is directly connected with its source; - you. Until you can resolve it, you will know no peace, whenever you are.

However, being harmed by demonic entity creates different scenario. Demons feel no guilt or remorse while causing grief and even in ‘death’ feels the same. Created by Darkness, they return to its source after the ‘mission’ is completed.

Therefore, it’s important to remember, that seeking justice from the harm of demonic entity is quite useless exercise. There is nothing you can do. But, it doesn"t mean the guilty demon is getting away with it. Because he wont come and seek your forgiveness, doesn"t mean he wont be punished. Although the Demons feel at home in the kingdom of Darkness, after being incarnated on Earth they’re aware of the difference between two worlds. Because there is no Light (the positive energy) in their natural dwelling, there is nothing to feed on. But it doesn’t end there.

After spending certain time in Earth environment, such entity is charged with positive energy which of course was ’stolen’ or taken by force from another source. It cannot be hidden from hungry residents of the world of Darkness, therefore the newcomer is immediately attacked and ruthlessly robbed of that energy. The process is never-ending, unless the particular entity finds a way to avoid coming back ’home’, and instead would detach from its original roots by seeking Light. But that of course would be a long and very hard journey, as there are no shortcuts, and everything in the spirit world has to be earned.

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Written by Tina Morrison

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