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Let's Talk About Sex!

{written by : Satina M. Scott}

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LOTS of buttons are about to be pushed, here. If you're not into that, you're free to leave now and maybe come back another time. Believe me, I understand.

Like Salt "N Pepa"s song says, "let"s talk about sex, bayBEE."

LOTS of buttons are about to be pushed, here. If you"re not into that, you"re free to leave now and maybe come back another time. Believe me, I understand.

Okay, for those of you still here, I"m gonna share what I"ve been "getting" intuitively about what"s coming with this new energy wave that"s gonna flood us all in late February.

At first, I really didn"t "get" it. Even though the messages were piling up all around me in my own life, I didn"t see how they related to my work. Strong new sexual energy was coming in, but I actually thought it might be of the dark, coming in to distract me from the bigger work I knew was around the corner for me.

What did this so-called distraction look like? I"m really glad you asked. Because I"ve gotten Guidance today that it"s really time to reveal my "dirty little secret."

I write erotica. I"ve been doing it for years. I"ve been published a little, but mostly I do it for free, in one particular online fandom, and limit my work to male/male gay erotica that features the transmutational power of sex to bring opposites together in healing and transformation.

Okay, how many of you have I lost with that?

I understand. I"ve gone through years of back-and-forth about this, wondering if it"s an unhealed, sick part of me that doesn"t fit with the mystic, healer, and teacher that I am in the rest of my life. I"ve infused my spiritual teachings into much of what I"ve written, and I"ve had all kinds of people write me privately to tell me how I"ve helped heal their lives with my work, but I"ve still felt shame and doubt, even as I"ve felt a powerful draw that I couldn"t resist.

In fact, it was this work that brought me together with my soulmate, who is also my writing (and life) partner.

So, anyway, back to this new energy wave that"s coming.

It"s gonna have a lot to do with sex, people. It"s gonna open all those doors we"ve tried sooooo very hard to keep closed. It"s gonna bring out things in us that we didn"t know were there, or that we knew about but wished to God we didn"t.

Sex is extremely powerful, you see. Sex is the most magical thing in most people"s lives. So of course, it"s been villified and degraded until we"re afraid to even say the word, let alone practice the art. But everyone has sex. Even if it"s only in their minds and/or with themselves. It"s a part of every single human life. Fetuses have been observed masturbating in the womb. That"s how natural it is.

I"ve known sexual healing was part of my purpose for many years, now. Really, ever since my first year of college, when I found myself running impromptu rap groups in my dorm room, answering the questions of girls (and a few very courageous guys) who had had WAY more sex than I had, but who knew virtually nothing about it. I"ve always been a researcher, and sex was just one more thing that I had exhaustively read about and learned about, so even though I didn"t have a very active sex life until late in my teens, (unlike nearly all of my friends) I had a very extensive knowledge base about the subject.

I ended up volunteering with Planned Parenthood for awhile, teaching their Human Sexuality class to pre-teen girls and their moms. Guess who had the most resistance to the material? It wasn"t the kids.

Anyway, my life was also a huge clue that the powerful allure of sex wasn"t going to go away for me. As I"ve talked about on my website, once I received my spiritual CALL to action, I found myself intensely attracted to a person of the same sex. I"d never been attracted to another woman before, and I certainly didn"t consider myself gay, but there it was. I didn"t just like or even love her. I wanted her. And I was married to a man at the time. With two little kids and a career in mental health.

Bumbling around, but armed with my passion for research, I learned everything I could about polyamory, or life with more than one love partner. Poly=many amory=loves. And I invited this woman into my then-marriage. Shockingly, my first soulmate was open to the idea, as well. He felt, as I did, that it was meant to be.

Our relationship became an incredible teaching institution, both for ourselves and every single person we interacted with, from the cashiers we shopped with to the people who taught our children in school. We welcomed and openly answered every question we got, feeling that this relationship had been given to us as a way to open not only ours, but the world"s sexual closets.

My first soulmate left the relationship in 2004 and remains our very best friend. My second soulmate and I are now monogamous life and love partners. And we still live as transparently as possible, welcoming and answering all kinds of questions about our relationship and lives. I welcome YOUR questions, as well. About my life, about my writing, about my beliefs...all of it. It exists for you, in a way, as much as for me. After all, we are all one.

So, to recap, I"m a formerly totally heterosexual woman in love with and living in partnership with another woman, and I write erotica that features two men. I am not gay. I am not straight. I am sexually expanded. You may call me bisexual, if you wish. It can be comforting to have a label, although the truth goes far beyond it.

What I"ve been guided to understand is that as we invite more and more of our soul to reside in our physical bodies, we become more and more balanced in regards to the female and male energies. Our souls are not male or female, after all, and they are not attracted to one another because of gender. They are attracted to one another out of resonance. And as we become more inhabited by our souls, living in surrender to and totally guided by our souls, we find our attraction becoming more and more based on that, as well.

I"ve been absolutely tickled to find out that sociology has noticed this! They even have a name for it. "Queer theory" is the theory that people are neither heterosexual nor homosexual, but that everyone exists on a continuum and changes their position on it according to their personal growth and experiences. Years ago, my partner and I went one further than this and coined the term "queerituality." Queerituality brings spirit into the equation and explains WHY this is happening.

We are bringing our souls down into our bodies. Maybe you"ve heard the term ascension. I"ve used it, so you probably have, at least here. It refers to a global phenomenon going on right now, the acceleration of our personal energy frequencies, which is transforming life as we know it on this planet. The thing is, ascension is kind of an antiquated term, and refers to the way this process has happened in the past. What"s going on this time around has actually never happened before, and a more apt term for it would be DEscension. The descension of our souls into our physical bodies.

Our spiritual energy, our Higher Selves, all the energy of every lifetime we"ve ever lived, the original God spark that holds everything we have ever been, will ever be, or were ever divinely meant to be, is coming down into our bodies this time around. That"s why our energy frequencies are rising, why our bodies and minds are complaining, why everything we"ve ever known is being totally deconstructed and rebirthed. We are not becoming nonphysical. We are not leaving the physical behind. Not this time. Creation itself is evolving, expanding into something absolutely new even to It, the experience of bringing all that Divine energy into our physical bodies, transforming them in ways even It cannot predict.

As this process happens, we lose the dualistic view of gender and become bi-gendered. Even our faces and bodies are changing to reflect this. Have you seen the new children? Many of them are beautifully androgynous from birth, and many more feel drawn to become that way through makeup, hairstyles, and fashion. Is it a he or a she?

What if it"s both?

And doesn"t this force us to take a more reverant look at those incredible, pathlaying souls who chose to be born transgendered, with bodies that didn"t match up with their spiritual energies? What about those who carry both sexes in their bodies, what we have called hermaphroditic? A new, higher pattern and purpose definitely comes into focus, now.

Most noticeable, especially lately, has been the work of those who came in on the far end of the homosexual continuum. Their work has been to bring balance to a severely dualistic energy. Any painter knows, if you have black, and you want gray, you don"t add gray, you add white. So they came in on the other end of the extreme, in order to bring things back into balance. Their work has been difficult, dangerous, and always so very divine.

The world at large, and the way we fight over, obsess over, and rave over the homosexual energy demonstrates what"s going on. No one, not even those who hate it and fear it, can get enough of it. Because it"s divinely meant to be that we have strong feelings about this that don"t allow us to walk away from it. It"s here to stay.

It"s here to change the world. And it reflects the change already happening.

So. That"s the skinny. I"ve felt it for a long time, understood it for a shorter time, and been afraid to say anything for awhile now. But today I got the push that it"s time, ready or not. When this new wave of energy hits, it"s bringing with it a sexual revolution unlike anything you"ve ever seen. Doors will be blown off, closets blown open, and buttons pushed. Paradigms will shatter all around us, leaving us living in fragmented glass houses, unable to hide from one another anymore.

I just thought you should know. Maybe this will help you understand those discomfiting sexual questions, thoughts, fantasies, or experiences you"ve been having, so you can allow and embrace them, rather than feeling scared and ashamed, and the very worst, alone. You are SO not alone on this one.

And if you need help, I"m here.

Wishing you Love in the Highest Octave,

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~Satina M. Scott Dharma Work Spiritual Empowerment Services 503-608-7187

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