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Experiencing the Heartfelt Embrace of Mati- Meditations With Lumari

{written by : Lumari}

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A Mantra Meditation to feel and know the Hearfelt Embrace of the Divine.

We can always benefit from a pure connection with the Divine. We can use and appreciate the feeling and knowing that the Divine, in an infinite and eternal connection sends a knowing embrace of connection to us and with us.

This special chant, written in Alawashka, will help bring healtfelt energies to those people, animals and beings who are ready to receive a loving embrace from the Divine. Alawashka is the language and vibrational source of creation. The words and chants in this language bring multidimensional enlightened creation frequencies to you.

Mati is a deep and full embrace of your total being. This word connects you with the Heartfelt Embrace of the Universe.

I send Alawashka blessings to all those who are open to receive them. I send the blessings of Mati to each and all of you. Mati means Heartfelt Embrace in Alawashka, the Original Language of Creation.

Whenever you are concerned, whenever you are afraid or feel helpless and hopeless, just quietly chant the word Mati (pronounced mah-tee) and the energies of blessing will be present for you. The embrace of the Divine will slowly and joyously fill you, allowing you the opening to breathe in greater harmony and calm.
Another way to spread this blessing and vibration quality into the world is to send tis energy forward. Connect with the intention and people of each group mentioned below, and then chant the word MATI. Later, add to your list and see if you can feel the responses.

MATI (pronounced mah-tee)

I send this blessing to mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and children.
I send this blessing to the soldiers and the peace activists.
I send this blessing to the armed forces and the peacekeepers.
I send this blessing to the governments of every country.
I send this blessing to the people of every country.
I send this blessing to all beings on our world and all beings involved in our world.
I send you these blessings in joy and delight and honor for the life you are living right this moment.

Please drink as much as you wish of the wellspring of Mati. Allow these energies to move within you. May life bless you.

May joyous blessings fill your life with acknowledgment and grace.

© 1997 -2009 Lumari. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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Lumari is an internationally known professional psychic consultant, life coach, author and teacher. Her profound guidance, special gifts and powerful insight will help you achieve new levels of joy, fulfillment and success. Individual and business clients benefit from her in-depth Psychic Readings, Spiritual Consultations, and Life Coaching services. Live Inspired! Receive Psychic and Intuitive Guidance for Your Growth, Awakening, Prosperity & Fulfillment. To learn more about her consultations: For information about Lumari's spiritual & healing workshops:

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