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Can the Feng Shui of Your House Affect Someone Who Doesn't Live There?

{written by : Kartar Diamond}

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Much has been written about how your environment affects you. But can YOUR personal surroundings affect someone in your life who does not share your residence?

You may have already heard, read, or experienced for yourself that how you arrange things in your own home can have a palpable and immediate influence on you. This is real and it is the power of Feng Shui. Many people have been exposed to the concepts surrounding Feng Shui, whereby you can improve your health, career and relationships. Making alterations to your landscaping, interior décor, furniture placement and the timing in which you make those changes is the essence of this metaphysical practice and art form.

But can the changes you make in your own dwelling affect someone who doesn’t live with you? The answer is both yes and no. As an example, let’s say your bedroom indicated a certain health problem. It would really only have the potential to affect you and a partner sharing that same room. It could not affect a person who does not occupy that space.

But there are many energies in your home which can extend out and involve others in your life. As another example, you might have influences in your home that indicate a high potential for legal problems. Well, who are you going to engage in a legal problem with? This could easily attach you to someone outside your home, although there is also a pretty good chance that this other person has similar negative influences in their own dwelling that indicate a similar problem. We can delve into really deep spiritual concepts here about the connectedness of all beings, laws of karma, how we are all in some kind of relationship. But this is also as impossible to verify as the notion that we choose who our parents will be in some kind of cosmic pre-conception arrangement.

I am often asked by clients if they should be personally concerned about the Feng Shui of a property they own but do not live in, such as a rental unit. Again, my reply is always “yes and no.” You would not be affected in the areas of that house which indicate a health issue, but if the whole house was undermining for financial success, your tenant could have a hard time paying the rent—which would affect you ultimately on a financial level too.

Below are just some of the relationship dynamics that can be revealed by a house’s Feng Shui, which in turn can affect or involve people who do not actually live on the premises:

• A personal or professional deception, betrayal

• A car accident

• Bad communication with a relative or in-law that does not live with you

• Legal problems, including neighbor disputes

• Sexual infidelity

A major premise in Feng Shui theory is that we are all effected by our surroundings and an extension of that is our connection with other people. In fact, there is one branch of Feng Shui which deals exclusively with the divination of grave sites. Throughout Chinese “Feng Shui” history, there is an enduring belief that where someone’s remains are buried can influence up to three generations of family members. How’s that for the power of karmic influence!

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