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Eliminating Fear

{written by : Dr. Robert V. Gerard }

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Fear ranks the highest in obstacles known to mankind. Eliminating fear is one of the greatest challenges and precedes all other aspects of life. Fear has many faces, and hides in every corner of our subconscious mind. Fear comes in many packages and disguises. Its subtle symptoms elude each one...

[12 December 1999-2008]

Fear ranks the highest in obstacles known to mankind. Eliminating fear is one of the greatest challenges and precedes all other aspects of life. Fear has many faces, and hides in every corner of our subconscious mind. Fear comes in many packages and disguises. Its subtle symptoms elude each one of us.

The Earth’s population is nearing 7 billion people.  How many do you think live without any notion of fear? Your guess is a good as mine, but I’d say only a few, and those few are probably Avatars. Fear resides in us all, and it is time to recognize the importance of this phenomenon.

Fear dulls our awareness of life’s magnificent processes. FEAR can be an intrinsic motivator for purification, one positive aspect that makes us change. Based on our choice, fear can drive us to perfection and oneness with God or take us off-line and send us into devastation. Some of the greatest stories and biographies ever told reveal how men and women triumphed over fear. Stories about resilience, dedication, and devotion; love, self-respect and the power of focused intent inspired certain individuals to achieve a standard of excellence so admired by others. The Joan of Arcs, the Martin Luther Kings, the Lindbergh’s, and the millions of others stories never told within the homes and caves of unknown individuals. Each story that reveals how the hero and heroine overcame life’s obstacles discloses the secrets of our own empowerment.

We have been looking at fear and approaching it backwards. We run away from it, stuff it under the sofa, lock it up, swallow it, suppress it, roll it up and throw it onto others. Facing Godzilla is easier than facing fear within ourselves. We go to see horrifying movies and cringe at the notion that we may have been on the Titanic. We view movies like Star Wars with excitement, watching spacecrafts blow up and crash.  It’s paradoxical how easily we can destroy our emotions, whether by auto collision or simply missing the bus. Are we addicted to fantasizing about fear happening to others? What a denial of everyday life!

Our RESOLVE to eliminate fear has been a catastrophe. We dread every aspect of dealing with it. For most, simply facing fear generates more fear. So why bother? It hurts, and since most people try to avoid pain, they’ll simply let it (the fear) BE! This attitude exacerbates the problem even further.

Most people, including professionals (e.g.: psychiatrist, psychologist, and counselors) have a restricted understanding of the depths and magnitude of fear. Dangerous and haphazard investigations of “cause” and “effect” can actually energize embedded fear-based emotions. Finding the “cause” without “resolve” is like pouring gasoline on a fire.

Frontal lobotomies, nerve-ball bats, primal screams, simple meditation, antidepressant drug therapy and bungee jumping are some of the wide range of treatments used to eliminate fear. How well these work and serve the individual is often a guessing game of trial and error. Some treatments succeed, most are temporary. Unless the individual confronts his own fear, the chances for elimination are dim.  To resolve to eliminate fear need not be painful. It can actually be joyful. I celebrate every time I take the time to identify a fear and eliminate it. This practice keeps me aware, clean and joyful.

It's difficult to evaluate the many treatment programs designed to combat and eliminate fear. The success of each therapy, treatment plan and practitioner can vary depending on the situation and willingness of the patient. If you happen to grow as a result of "fire-walking" or medication, fine! What price you pay for it is another thing. There are many self-help books available, but that's a slow process at best.

Fear can serve you. The individual is the proud owner of the fear and there’s a purpose for that.  People need to eliminate fear in order to change, to grow in confidence, and to become closer to the Creator.  Being fearful of the wrath of the Creator is like being afraid of your parents.  The Creator’s intent is for you to understand your beauty and use your God given powers to rid yourself of fear.  How else can you become a co-creator of good things if you haven’t learned to how to cleanse your body and mind of hesitations, doubts, and fears?

There are two Universal Laws or Truths.  Simply stated: the first is: “As above, as below” and the second: “Like attracts like.”  Applying these two life principles to fear tells me that whatever fear I create in my mind, I create in my body, and what I fear the most, I attract to me.

My dear friend Teresa discovered a method of better understanding fears and their purpose.  She refers to this as the process of determining the “magnetic fields of resonance and repulsion.”  Simply put, each of us has a mind, body, soul, and electro-magnetic field of energy.  The magnetic field of energy, like two magnets placed together, either resonates or repulses, i.e., attracts or repels.  When Teresa applies her method to fear, she sees what attracts OTHER people and events with similar fears to each other in order to process their fears.  This relentless process occurs until the fears are eliminated and we become empowered.  If the magnet repulses (retracts), there is no need for confrontation with others, and the affiliation is pure and lovable. It becomes a learning environment for one’s self-mastery and harmless play.

When we take the position that eliminating fear intrinsically motivates us toward empowerment and enlightenment, we soon realize that fear is less threatening.  It serves to purify   those elements that no longer serve our “Highest Good.”  It provides us with the opportunity to become more peaceful and free.  It’s the ultimate character-building machine. 

Past life trauma is another aspect of fear that traditional psychology tries to circumvent in therapy.  It’s not a question of believing in reincarnation or parallel universes, but has more to do with our soul’s evolution.  Many times while performing my work, I detect past life situations that are carried over into this lifetime.  There’s nothing new about this condition.  Whatever may have transpired in another “time” for a soul shows up repeatedly in the current lifetime until dealt with and eliminated.  This requires the client to first accept the notion that he or she cannot recall or remember experiencing the trauma, except during dreams, flashbacks, or while under hypnosis.  In a nutshell, the soul wants the fear-based trauma cleared. “Okay,” you ask, “that all sounds philosophically good, but how did all that fear get in me anyway?  I certainly didn’t want it.  It was shoved down my throat; forced into me.  It was from another lifetime.  I can’t even give it away!”

Now you’re getting the right idea.  Ask yourself what’s stopping you from being totally at peace with yourself?  Also ask yourself “Why am I not _________ this or that (happy, healthy, wealthy and wise)?  Perhaps it’s because you hesitate, doubt, or fear something in yourself?

Fear is here to help you deal with your limitations.  Face fear  more often and feel yourself grow.  We need to look at our fears from a positive mode of thinking, not a frightened attitude.  Below, are several techniques for releasing fear.

The first technique I recommend is quieting the mind, slowing the brain down.  Most people operate in a beta brainwave frequency between 16 - 38 hertz.  This can easily be verified using an electroencephalograph (EEG).  The trick is to get into an alpha-theta state and stay there as much as possible.  Alpha-Theta states are brain wave frequencies that range between  7-14 cycles per second. To do this, slow your breathing rate down to about 5 breaths per minute.  Most adults take about 18 breaths per minute.  I rapidly move into alpha-theta when I take three breaths per minute for 2 minutes.  Meditation and music are also ways to slow down the mind.  A still mind hears the subconscious mind, and can detect what’s causing the fear.  The more our mind is still; the more we learn about ourselves. While a “Theta” state can help you detect subconscious fears, you’ll need to be in “Alpha” to remember them. Memory is too limited in theta.

Another method is to embrace your fears with love.  This may be most unusual for the individual.  I’ve guided hundreds of individuals through this process and watched fears virtually leave the body and mind.  It takes some practice and works in this manner:

1.         the moment you sense or feel uncomfortable about anything, grasp it.

2.         instantly get into an alpha-theta brainwave state.

3.         sit down, remain still as much as possible.

4.         breathe slowly.

5.         let the fear, doubt, or hesitation manifest. It feels as if it were an unwelcomed bubble.

6.         allow the discomfort to rise. This usually occurs in the stomach and chest areas, and moves upwards into the throat.

7.         now as it surfaces and becomes more exaggerated, in your mind’s eye, imagine or project that fear bubble in front of your chest.

8.         assume that your arms and hands are healing “Angelic-Heart Wings.”

9.         spread your hands [“Angelic-Heart Wings”] around this fear bubble.

10.     as you are embracing the fear, force love through your arms and hands and make sure you can feel this happening.

11.     do this until you can feel the fear totally surrounded by your loving embrace.

12.     now raise up your hands and arms pushing the fear bubble upwards, outwards, and away from yo.u

13.     while doing this invoke the command:  “I now return this fear back to God’s Light!”

14.     feel the releasing of the fear bubble, let it go and rise away from you.

15.     take a few deep slow belly breaths.

16.     trust the process.

17.     do not think.

18.     relax and find peace.


Depending on the depth and magnitude of the fear, you may experience residual fears.  If so, treat the fear as a new fear with reduced properties. Repeat this process.  The fear has been weakened.  It’s only a matter of time efore it disappears completely.

This method seem too simple, and not rational enough.  How is it possible to eliminate feat without finding its  “cause”?  Did you ever hear of the Power of Intent?  Your intent to resolve this fear or issue could very well be more powerful than the fear’s original cause.  The focus is on eliminating fear, not charting its path of destruction.  “Let Go; Let God,” has been one of the greatest therapies of my life.  Who cares what caused the fear, just get rid of it.  Live your peace. Maybe someday in the future you will have the wisdom to understand the cause, but for now let it go.

Many people who have received the First and Second DNA Activations™ have reported the automatic releasing of embedded fears.  Through the practice of a simple prayer-like invocation, people have dispelled fears from their physical and psychological bodies.  Emotionally based fears virtually rise out from the client and sometimes are experienced effortlessly.  This is a blessing and welcome process. Many testimonials documenting this method have been received. When one performs the Sixth DNA Activation of Detachment, he or she will then posses the inherent genetic structure to better combat and eliminate most fears naturally.

For people who need some coaching and direction, receiving the First DNA ACTIVATION™ may be the route.  Even though this method requires external assistance in the beginning, it becomes relatively automatic over a short period of time.  Depending on your situation, this method primarily addresses the “whole being” approach to physical and psychological health, and may be too expansive.  For more information, visit the web site  The tools offered by the Oughten House Foundation, Inc. are simple and promising.

The major caveat is that when some people sense the rising and approaching fear, they tend to grasp the fears which are trying to exit, which restricts them from leaving, thus forcing them back into the body out of fear itself.  Instead of empowering oneself in trust and love, they repeatedly doubt themselves and avoid confronting the fear and releasing it.  In turn, fear has been empowered.  Knowledge of how to handle fear in that situation is the missing link.

Teresa’s method is most revealing.  It permits you to witness how the Soul works things out for you.  In the following scenario, we’ll use the fictitious character, Harry, a 34 year old office worker, and his father, Walley, a pompous and conceited person. .  Harry loves his father, but fears that he will become just like him.  Walley was well accomplished, but did not recognize his son Harry for many of his endeavors. (Does this sound familiar?)  Day after day, Harry subconsciously strived to do well but was not getting anywhere.  But Harry’s Soul is ready to help because it knows that Harry is capable of handling the situation. 

While attending night school, Harry’s professor reminded him of his father (Walley is back!)  Harry wasgetting more emotional and uncomfortable during class.  Suddenly, one evening, the professor calls upon Harry for input, but Harry is not prepared.  The professor harshly attacks Harry for his incompetence.  Harry reacts, loses his grip, becomes emotionally deadlocked.  For two weeks, Harry virtually withdraws, his self-esteem dwindles, and his erratic behavior causes his peers and friends to withdraw from his presence.  In actuality, the Soul has designed and set-up  these relationships.  In the above scenario, we can easily see fear working at its best.  Congratulations FEAR!  Good job.

Harry is acting as if he were a “magnet”: attracting what can ultimately help him resolve the fear he has about his relationship with his father.

Knowing this, the Soul sends  Mr. Sweeny into the picture. Like Harry,  Mr. Sweeny has low-self-esteem  (fear).    But this time, Sweeny asks Harry for help (like attracts like).  Harry initially is confounded.  Help Sweeny?  The Soul says:  “Yes, indeed.”

Harry has a choice.  Fear has surfaced.  He can eliminate the fear by confronting it, or, once again, deny it and swallow more pain.  Harry decides to help Sweeny and in the process comes to the realization that it’s his father who has the problem and passed it  onto Harry.  Harry feels bitter and angry; he gets very emotional but stays focused on releasing this fear, which he soon does.  He embraced fear with Love, and used the method of returning it back to God’s Light. All those years he was fearing fear, when all it really takes is a love confrontation—some good honest tear jerking, and lots of tissues.  Soon afterwards, Mr. Sweeny changed too, because Harry was a new person and role modeled that behavior for Sweeny.

The Soul uses your “magnetics” to position positive life changes for you.  Please do not abandon these opportunities.  This is what relationships are all about: “resonations and repulsions.” 

In conclusion, as we live in peace and feel our freedom, relationships take on a higher meaning, similar to the time when we were innocent but wise children. Without doubts, hesitations, and fears we become  happier people, find more loving relationships, and become more aware of our enlightenment.  With this working knowledge, eventually, you’ll live a more peaceful life. And freedom, as you have often dreamed of, will be your reward.


          Robert Vincent Gerard

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In 1994, Dr. Gerard founded Oughten House Foundation a worldwide educational and publishing company concentrating on self-empowerment, enlightenment, and philosophical topics. He offers workshops worldwide. Internationally published in 12 languages, Gerard has written 10 books including: Handling Verbal Confrontation, Change Your DNA, Change Your Life!, Lady from Atlantis, Divine Quick-Fix Healings, ICON Power For KIDS, The Health Acceleration Kit for My Pet’s Mind, Body and Soul, Hands of Peace, and has published numerous articles. Private E-mail:;

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