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Letting Go is the Way to Go

{written by : D. Muller}

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The fight we all fight - the war between Ego and Intuition and how to win it.


Intuition, also called the Inner Voice is the physical, mental and spiritual expression of the Inner Being through the body. It can be felt in the Solar Plexus (around the stomach area) as well as "known" in the mind. It is called the "silent" Inner Voice because it does not speak in language but it would be better described as a "knowingness". It is the Voice of God within each of us, of who we really are in essence. Therefore it is also the part of us that has always been innocent and Loving.


The Ego on the other hand is purely a mental projection, it speaks to us via a continuous thought stream (the monkey mind as buddhists say) and enhances and sustains these thoughts via strong emotions like fear and desire. It"s goal is opposite to that of the Inner Voice. It"s goal is to fulfill it"s every desire, avoid anything it doesn"t want and remain in the illusion of separateness from everything "else" in the Universe.

Angel on My Shoulder

A good analogy to clarify the concept of the Inner Voice versus Ego would be the little angel and devil on the shoulder you may have seen in old comic strips and cartoons. Both the "angel" and the "devil" are telling us things from moment to moment - Intuition via a "silent knowingness" and ego via thoughts and strong emotions. As in the cartoons, who eventually wins the battle is up to the free will choice of the individual they"re sitting on.

The Greatest Battle

The reason most people seem to be so deeply involved with their ego is because most of us have, through the use of Free Will, given in frequently to the thoughts that arise from it. Like a little seed that eventually grows into a tree when given water, the ego also grows with every single thought that is given in to. The soil in this case is the subconsciousness. As most of us reading this (including myself) have experienced, there can be no harder battles and the results of this battle can be seen around the world.

Don"t Fight or You"ll Lose

There are however methods that have been used for thousands of years that can aid us in this fight, which, if done right, should not be a fight at all. Meditation in any form that works for you is the first and foremost method to overcome the mental chatter and thoughts that arise from Ego. Meditation in this case means focusing - focusing on breathing, on a picture, a sound etc. whatever works for you, and letting go of all the mental chatter that is going on in our minds. Through meditation we can thus still the mind and stop giving attention to each of those destructive seeds in our subconsciousness that are the cause of most of our actions and the suffering that results from that.

Unselfish Love Is the Ticket to Paradise

When our mind is sufficiently stilled we cannot help but become aware of all the suffering that is going around in the world. It seems to bear down on us like an incredibly heavy weight but by Loving our neighbours unselfishly that weight will become bearable. In doing so the cup that used to be filled to the brim with ego will by and by be emptied with our humility and be filled and overflowing with Love. Thus we will again be able to follow, and eventually manifest from moment to moment, our Inner Being/God/the Universal Spirit.

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