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Vibrational Push-Supercharge your Creative Visualization Powers with Ups using the Emotional Freedom Technique and the Law of Attraction Together

{written by : Anisa Aven}

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How to vibrate in harmony with the object of your desire, using EFT and Creative Visualization - The Vibrational Push-ups! Law of Attraction Articles answer icon

It"s essential to recognize that anytime we don"t have what we want, it"s because at this time we are simply not a vibrational match. However, we don"t have to settle or be disappointed. We can use EFT with the Law of Attraction to take action; we can increase our level of belief, decrease our doubts and fears and learn to systematically and intentionally vibrate in harmony with the "object" of our desire.

Fortunately, our scientific world is catching up to the metaphysical view that all things are comprised of energy.

We are finally receiving unarguable confirmation that the lessons that our mystic masters tried to share with us about our thoughts being energetic is 100% verifiable.

If you"ve read The Field by Lynn McTaggart, then you can sit down and talk shop with any Science master around about how we can absolutely influence our reality with our thoughts. In fact, we do every day and according to many, many studies now being performed and duplicated by prominent Universities around the world we ought not have any doubts of our own about how powerful our mind can be once harnessed.

Just citing one example, if our thoughts don"t create our reality and do not emphatically influence our every day existence, then how do we explain the Placebo Effect?

Did you know that in a recent study of antidepressants the analysts concluded that as much as 50% of the positive benefits of the drug were due to the placebo effect; the belief or suggestion that the patient will feel better was enough to actually inspire "feeling better".

The case I"m hoping to make is to convince you to believe in the power of your mind. However, claiming that you believe in your ability to influence your reality with your thoughts is very different than actually believing.

Let"s face it; unless you are already living 100% of your dream life with the man/woman of your dreams, with prosperity coming out of your ears, health and energy overflowing, and passion and purpose exuding from every minute of every day, you"re likely to be human enough to still have doubts about your "manifesting" abilities in one or more areas of your life.

This is where the magic of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) comes in to save our vibration.

By using EFT to eliminate our doubts, we increase our level of conscious certainty as well as our level of subconscious believability.

If you want to use your mind to attract a mate, prosperity, passion, purpose, or health - you must achieve a vibration that is equivalent to these things. Two of the most powerful attractor vibrations are certainty and expectancy. You want to eliminate any and all doubts so that you feel certain and expectant.

Certainty and expectation vibrate as the energetic equivalent to what we want. When your thoughts and emotions are energetically aligned with what you want, it has to materialize. Like a radio tuned into the frequency of a rock station, when you tune into certainty, your desire will manifest.

Therefore, how can you use EFT to specifically increase your level of belief?

Try the following EFT and Law of Attraction exercise:

100 Vibrational Push-ups

To Summarize: You want to build your belief muscle with vibrational repetitions! Write down what you want in a very succinct, one sentence affirmation as if you already have it 100 times. After every entry, you will assess your level of "belief". With any level of belief less than 100% certainty, you will EFT the doubts before you write it down again. Repeating the process until you"ve written down your goal 100 times. You"ll do this every day for a minimum of 30 days or until you can write it down 100 times in a row, 7 days in a row while still maintaining a positive vibrational level of 100% certainty, expectation, joy and peace.

The Vibrational Push-up breakdown:

1) Write down an affirmation for one specific goal that you know you want to create. You can be as specific as you desire or more generic like some of the following.

For example:

* * I am so grateful to have the relationship I"ve always wanted with my Divine Love and soul mate.
* * I am thankful to now have an excess of wealth! Lavish prosperity pours down upon me and I purchase anything I desire, when I desire it, in cash.
* * I enjoy absolute health and wholeness. I am energetic and strong and my body is as young as a teenager.
* * I look forward to getting up in the morning, knowing that the work I do is making a profound contribution to the planet and is the fulfillment of my life purpose. I am passionate and excited about my success.

2) After writing out your affirmation, close your eyes and tune into your feelings.

With 10 being "I feel absolute certainty" and 1 being "no way this will happen", rate your level of certainty and expectation.

How certain am I that this is true?

How much do I believe that this is already my experience and is happening now?

Trust your intuition, it will not mislead you.

3) If you are at a 10, then revel with delight by allowing yourself to rejoice and give thanks for this fulfillment. Enjoy that level of energetic power. Extend this moment for as long as possible - dance around, jump up and down, scream loudly and excitedly, wiggle your body and playfully allow yourself to celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!

Then, when you feel the energy waning, write your affirmation down again and repeat the process.

4) If you are at any level of certainty less than 10, use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to address the doubt that is keeping you from being a 10 and preventing you from feeling absolutely confident, faithful, joyous, peace-filled and certain.

For example:

If you want to manifest financial peace. Let"s say you write, "I am so grateful to easily afford anything I desire when I desire it. I pay cash upfront and in advance for anything I want, need, or desire easily and immediately."

You ask yourself, "on a scale of 1-10 how certain am I that this is true?"

You close your eyes and you sense the doubts and rate your belief at a 4.

5) Now, you want to EFT those doubts. However, before you can eliminate them with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) you have to get clear and specific about what the doubts are. You might write down:

* * How can I expect to pay for anything I want, when I want it, when I"m barely making ends meet as it is?
* * No one I know pays for what they want, when they want it in cash.
* * I"d love to throw caution to the wind but if I buy anything I want when I want it, I"ll go broke.
* * I can"t buy anything I want - I"ll end up more in debt and I"ll never get out of it.
* * I"m too in debt to think about spending. This is irresponsible.
* * This can"t happen for me. I can never make enough money to do all the things I want.
* * Whatever I get, it"ll never be enough.

EFT using the exact thoughts that came up during your journaling process..

Even though I can"t expect to ever have enough money to buy anything I want, when I want it in cash, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Round 1 - Reminder Phrase: I can"t buy anything I want and will never be able to.

Round 2 - Positive Implant: What if I could purchase anything I desire, when I desire it?

6) Then, when you"ve exhausted your EFT list and you feel neutral about each of these doubts. Write down your affirmation again, fresh. Repeat the process until you"ve completed 100 vibrational pushups!

Do this every day for 30 days, starting from scratch each time you write your affirmation or until you"ve written the affirmation 100 times in a row for 7 days in a row at a level of 10 - absolute certainty and expectation.

Give this exercise a sincere effort. You"ll be amazed at how much you can clear and release during this process and again, when you become a vibrational match to the fulfillment of your dreams - they must materialize. The only thing you"ll have to do is take inspired action and prepare to receive. This exercise makes this possible for you.

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In next week"s article, I will share about more positive implanting options. How to use the same points to launch intentional creations and living visions that magnetize your dreams into your life.

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