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The Larger Perspective

{written by : Joseph Schwartzman}

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Where is the “you” in your body? Look for it. Is it all in one place, or is it in different places at once? Now look beyond your body and sense the “you” in your aura. Now you can speak with the higher parts of your self.

A guided meditation from the Carriers of Light

Find a comfortable place and lie there resting for a moment. Now, begin to concentrate. See if you can find out just who it is who is lying there inside this body. See if there is a place within you that feels more like yourself than any other place. See if you can identify a spot that is more yourself than any other spot. Where do you reside inside this body?

You will see that there is no spot in particular that is you. There is no place that you can identify as more yourself than any other place. It’s just that different places have different characteristics. Different parts have different flavors. For instance, focus on your heart area. See if you can identify what it feels like to be you in your heart area. See if you can find other places that have the same character. How is it in your head area – what characteristics do you find there? What about your knees?

Out beyond yourself, beyond where your body resides, there is another sense of you. See if you can identify places just beyond you, just beyond where your body resides, that also have a sense of you. There is an aura around you, and you exist as much in this aura as you do in your body; yet the aura feels weaker, because it extends beyond the core. Yet you are as much there as you are here. It’s just that you identify yourself as here, whereas in fact it’s just a location for something that exists somewhere else. When we accept a shift in location, we are able to accept a shift in our lives. Accepting that you are not where you seem to be is a first step in overcoming resistance, because you’ve accepted the fact that you are living in an illusion – namely, believing that you are where you seem to be, inside a body, on the earth, playing out a life cycle. The first step in overcoming anxiety and fear about the future is to step back from who you seem to be. Open up a conversation with the higher parts of yourself. Believing in the larger picture frees us from our fears about the future.

Now see if you can step back from yourself a little. Imagine that you are moving backwards inside your body, so that you see your body in front of you. Begin to sense a force inside you pushing you backward and holding you there. You can still see your body, so you have no fear of losing it, and you are feeling secure in your reaching outward. Now sense that in this new state there are other streams of awareness flowing into you… as if when you left your body you opened up to the larger picture. You see that you are connected to the universe around you, and you begin to visualize that even when you are inside your body, you are always part of the larger picture. When you are inside you seem to be trapped, but when you are outside you begin to see clearly.

Now extend yourself backwards even more; see if you can extend your awareness at least several feet back from your body, so that your body is at a little distance. Look at yourself now and see how it feels to be separate from your body. Do you feel a sense of largeness? Do you feel a sense that things are coming together in your life, no matter what is happening to you? Whether you identify it as good or bad, whatever is happening is a flow, and the flow is always toward the greater good, because in the larger sense we’re always flowing toward the source. The source of who you are is always flowing back to itself. No matter what happens, you are part of this larger source. You are always going toward it. The larger source, that larger source that you are a part of, is very warm and welcoming.

Look around and see if there is any danger here. Be here where you are now. Everything that can happen is only momentary. Every living thing in nature that is temporarily stopped or diverted eventually gets back up and keeps going. Everything on your planet has this kind of cycle; you must accept these cycles around and within you, for you are always moving forward, no matter what direction you seem to be going.

Now let yourself return to your body, ever so slowly, letting the wind carry you there, like a leaf in the gentle wind. Now you are back. See if you can extend yourself outward while you are still inside your body. Feel that there is love in doing this, a sense of loving someone, a sense of loving all around you, a warm sensation.

Rest here for a moment. When you are ready, get up and return to the real world as you know it. We are the Carriers of Light.

In a Nutshell

Where is the “you” in your body? Look for it.
Is it all in one place, or is it in different places at once?

Now look beyond your body and sense the “you” in your aura.
Now you can speak with the higher parts of your self.

Imagine that your body is in front of you
and that you are able to sense the higher streams of awareness around you.

Feel yourself flowing toward the source of your self and of everything.

From this larger perspective you see that life is made of changes,
but that all movement is toward a loving source.

Back in your body you now radiate to others the love that you found at the source.

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