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About Astral Travel, #3 - Between Worlds

{written by : Greg Gourdian}

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Astral travel leads us upon journeys through many different worlds, and through worlds between these worlds. Between all of these...

Astral travel leads us upon journeys through many different worlds, and through worlds between these worlds. Between all of these worlds, there is the void, a place where nothing might exist. Yet even here, there are living beings, beings who seek to escape the emptiness of the void between worlds.

While astral travel is typically safe, there are entities living between the worlds we live in and the worlds to which we travel in astral that may be disturbed by our passage through their realms. In addition, the void between each world and the next may often be inhabited by beings that are attracted to the worlds the void defines.

These entities and beings that we may encounter between worlds may sometimes hitch a ride with astral travelers.

One species of creatures that lurk in the void are vampire-like creatures. These beings who often inhabit the void are partly responsible for the myths and legends of vampires that we tell in our own Earthly worlds. However, they are not vampires per se; the blood-thirsty beings we may regard as vampires are really creatures of our own imaginations that we have come to believe in because of our experiences with this common class of parasite that often returns with ill-prepared astral travelers.

The parasites inhabiting the void are hungry for life. They have often abandoned their own physical bodies; they often seek to possess the bodies of incautious astral travelers. When we return from our astral travels with these parasites, we may experience strange appetites; we may experience the appetites of the alien entities who return with us.

We allow these creatures to return with us because when we travel in the astral realms we are seeking to fill a void within ourselves, a void of our own creation. These strange creatures lurking between worlds are able to use the emptiness within us to hitch a ride.

Typically, these creatures are content to feed on us without attracting our attention to them. Indeed, they hide and camouflage themselves to avoid our notice because we need only command them to depart from us and they must do so.

These creatures may always be easily exorcised once they have been identified.

These creatures typically seek out the holes in our astral bodies, those places within ourselves that we choose to avoid. We avoid these places because they are painful for us to explore. Any place within us where we feel traumatized by painful experiences becomes a place within ourselves where these creatures may enter into us to hide.

Identifying these creatures lurking within ourselves often helps us to heal because we must clean out the wounds in which they fester in order to entirely evict them.

None of these creatures are genuinely evil; their bizarre influences on our behavior are not typically malign by intent. However, whenever we harbor any kind of malignancy toward ourselves these creatures are likely to help us to manifest our malice toward ourselves sometimes hurting us or hurting those around us whom we love.

If we harm ourselves or any others as a result of the influences of these creatures we must use our awareness of the harm we do to correct our own behavior and to heal ourselves. Healing ourselves closes the voids in our spiritual bodies that we have created through our own self-denial or self-neglect. Healing ourselves leaves fewer places void within ourselves in which these creatures may conceal themselves.

The process of healing ourselves may often be accelerated by cooperating with these parasitic guests whom we have inadvertently allowed into our bodies. If we agree to harbor these entities and allow them to live within us in peace, they can show us those places they inhabit within us more clearly, they may help us to know ourselves more completely in those regions of ourselves we are most afraid to explore alone. In this manner, they may become our guides and allies; they may help us to heal ourselves.

The needs of these alien beings who may often hitch a ride with astral travelers are very deep; they are therefore very highly motivated creatures who are willing to work hard for a chance to experience our worlds through our lives. These creatures are attracted to us by our own faults, those voids in our characters that are our personal deficiencies.

Often, these creatures engage with us as symbiotes; they may offer to give us gifts in exchange for hosting them in our bodies. Often the gifts they give us are nothing more than our own skills that we have lost by avoiding the pains we have associated with learning those skills. Without those skills we may be critically crippled, so these creatures may often help us to restore ourselves to a higher level of functioning.

When we accept this sort of trade and enter into a symbiotic relationship with such creatures that may often appear to be parasites, our relationships with these beings often becomes a codependent relationship in which these entities have a stake in maintaining our fears to keep us crippled and dependent upon them for their services.

So long as we benefit, this may not be a serious problem. However, if we abdicate too many responsibilities for our own lives to these creatures we may wind up feeling that our lives are lived by compulsions, we may feel our lives are controlled by others.

It is important to remember that we always have complete control over our own lives. Any of the ways in which we may sometimes surrender control of our lives to anyone other than ourselves may always be challenged. We may always resume control of those aspects of our lives that we have willfully neglected or surrendered control of.

Regardless of how we perceive our loss of control in any situation, we are always in control. We may always take back our control at any time by resuming responsibility and choosing to act in our own best interests for ourselves as independent beings.

None of the creatures we may encounter in astral can ever do us any harm we do not ultimately wish upon ourselves. We are the creators of our lives; we may always take back our control from any person or entity to whom we have surrendered our control.

All people travel the astral realms. All people have voids within themselves, holes in our characters that make comfortable homes for parasites. As we learn to fill the voids in ourselves with our own healing energies, we can evict our fellow travelers from within ourselves and resume complete responsibility for our souls, for our lives, and for the characters we choose to manifest as ourselves. We may cast these creatures back into the voids they inhabited before they became attached to us in our astral journeys, or we may choose to make them partners in our lives, to accept their help as spiritual guides.

God watches over us all. Whatever mistakes we may make, God always provides solutions. We may always heal from our own mistakes, fallacies, and errors.

We do not need to surrender to God to heal, we need only to look into our own hearts with honesty and the clear, unambiguous intention to heal ourselves, and we will always be made whole by our own wills alone.

We need never rely on God to heal us because He has made us all capable of healing ourselves, always. It is His will that we learn to heal ourselves; therefore, he abstains from making miracles in our lives. We must make our own miracles.

If we turn away from God’s will for us to provide for our own well-being then we will suffer, but it is not God who makes us suffer, it is always, and only, ourselves.

To know yourself fully is to heal yourself completely. Astral travel helps us with the critical tasks we must complete to know ourselves and to heal ourselves.

May you know yourselves more deeply and fare well in all your travels, always!

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Greg Gourdian is part of a collective being, we are composed of many entities participating in a psychic network. We currently call ourselves Grigori Rho Gharveyn. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We love to write and teach about spiritual evolution, ascension, auras, chakras, alchemy, tarot, channeling, metaphysics, parapsychology, sociology, psychology, quantum physics, etc... For our most recent work please see our current blog: MySpace Blog For older work please look here: Google Blog

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