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Quantum Potentials, Plenum Pools, Directors’ Cuts

{written by : Greg Gourdian}

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We may sometimes feel as if we are all actors. We strut across the stages of our lives playing...

We may sometimes feel as if we are all actors. We strut across the stages of our lives playing out our personal dramas to become the heroic, legendary figures of our own epics. However, what if we are more than simple actors?

What if we are also our own directors?

Quantum physicists study the smallest states of being. These smallest states appear to have very few properties, properties that may sometimes seem too weird for anyone to understand. However, one property is clear; one thing is easy to understand. In some manner, the potentials of the sum of a set of properties of quantum states creates particles with strange characteristics that interact with one another to form subatomic particles, atomic particles, atoms, molecules, and everything else we perceive in the phenomenological worlds or universes that we appear to live in.

All of creation, from the most infinite reaches of the heavens to the tiniest mysteries of quantum mechanics, depends upon the interaction of quantum state potentials to manifest the worlds and universes we live in.

The plenum consists of pools that define the sums of all possible, related quantum states manifest in creation. This includes not only those universes we may be personally familiar with, but also those universes that may sometimes seem too strange for us to understand, such as universes where the gravitational constant is so high that the matter created in them falls back into itself and disappears within only a few very brief moments of its own creation.

One way to think of the sums of all multi-universes that constitute the pools of the plenum is to think of them as collections of movie still-frames. Anime and movies are constructed or structured by sequencing individual pictures in sequentially ordered frames. Each picture in each frame is slightly different from the pictures in the frames that precede or follow them. The degree of differences between pictures in successive frames may vary very slightly, such as in slow motion movie effects, or the degree of differences may vary more dramatically to produce fast forward effects or radical segues to entirely different images.

Aside from changes that are organized in a linear manner in time, the way movies must ordinarily be ordered, variations between neighboring still-shot, imaged universes in different plenum pool frames may change in other dimensions of time, sidereally.

Consider a movie director who orders the final scene of a movie to be filmed in several different ways. In one ending for his film, the director’s protagonist may die a terrible death, while in another ending the protagonist may survive but becomes deeply scarred for life. In yet another version the protagonist may emerge from their final dramatic trial unscathed, but their co-star may have died tragically, while in yet another version of the film’s ending both the co-star and their protagonist survive to live happily-ever-after.

Only one version of the movie"s ending will typically survive the director"s editing to become the final version of the movie viewed by most audiences.

In those universes that many people on Earth may be familiar with, our movies all seem to derive from this winnowing process that edits our movies. This winnowing process edits our stories to produce exclusive events, such that, if we are in a movie where the protagonist dies, we cannot expect to meet the protagonist again, except, perhaps, through dreams, memories, or supernatural events.

However, in the plenum, all the different ways a protagonist may possibly survive or die are equally real. The plenum can contain pools of mutually exclusive universes in which each different story ending manifests as a real event.

In this manner, alternate reality universes are arrayed all around us, within the phantom quantum pools of the plenum.

In one universe you may become a rock star, while in other universes you may become a Nobel laureate, a house frau, a manservant, a corporate drone, or a teacher; und so vieter, ad infinitum…

All the various possible ways you may live your lives are arrayed side-by-side, sidereally, within the multi-universe pools manifested by quantum state potentials’ differentiations in the plenum.

In human terms, the degrees of differences between one plenum side-frame and another plenum side-frame may be too little to appear significant or noticeable.

In the plenum, the differences between each side-frame may be only a single quantum state, or the degrees of variances between frames may be sums of large sets of quantum potential pools’ differential states.

Some extreme variances may define plenum frames with universes in which the earth has been doomed to be consumed in a global nuclear holocaust, while other extremes manifest universes defining neighboring sidereal frames in which we have all learned to create heaven on earth.

In this manner, you are already living many, many different lives, lives all arrayed side-by-side, extended through various pools of sidereal time dimensions in the plenum.

If you do not happen to enjoy the current versions of your lives in the local pools of your universes you may always migrate to pools with universes that are more to your liking. One process for migrating between sidereal universe pools may sometimes be called manifestation.

Manifestation is a process whereby you make yourselves the directors of your own movies about your lives, where you make yourselves the final editors who decide which frames will be edited out, to fall to the cutting room floor, and which frames will be edited in, to be incorporated into your own, uniquely dramatized, stories of your lives.

Manifestation is not a complex process you need to study in depth; you are already manifesting your own lives’ stories unconsciously. You already know how to manipulate the mechanics of quantum potential pools to weave the vast seas of light we inhabit beyond our discrete phenomenological universes into physically manifest worlds in which you are the protagonists of all of the greatest stories of your own lives.

If there is any trick involved in manifesting your own lives’ stories as ideally as possible, then the trick may be to make a shift to consciously directing the plot lines of your stories. The trick may be to learn to enable yourselves to create all of the most ideal scenes and stages upon which you will act out the various dramatic roles of your lives so that you may experience the achievement of all of your worthiest ambitions.

Everything you can ever hope to be is already real. You already exist in infinite sets of sidereal universe pools where all of your dearest dreams have already come true. Opening your awareness to include those alternate reality universes where you are already a happier, healthier, more hopeful person helps you to attune yourself to those ideal universes so that you may learn to attract them to you, so that you may learn to migrate your conscious awareness more deeply into the worlds of your own ideals.

Opening your minds to become more aware of your own ideal universes helps you to perceive the differences between what you are doing now to create the local universes you currently inhabit, and what you must learn to do to manifest more ideal universes.

The only thing holding you back from living all of the greatest dreams of your own lives is you. There are no limits to what you may learn to experience. However, you may currently be creating limits for yourselves in many ways, limits that you are unaware of having created for yourselves. All of the meanest parts of the current dramas in your lives are all your own creations, as are all of your most glorious wonder-filled moments.

You are the directors of the entire stories of your lives in every frame of their existence.

Where your stories seem less satisfying, you always have the power to edit them, to learn how to make significant changes. Part of a process for making such changes may be defined by the emerging sciences of neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP.

Neuro-linguistic programming studies cognitive processes that can help teach us how to describe new realities to ourselves. NLP helps us to learn how to reprogram our own psyches, hearts, and minds to manifest those realities we most desire to experience as new episodes in our lives’ stories, new movies we create from all of the infinite pools of possibilities expressed by quantum mechanics in the plenum.

You are already creating all of the movies you now experience as your own lives. The stories of all of your lives are all living-arts works-in-progress.

What happens next is always entirely up to you.

If you have arranged things so that the events in your lives seem to be out of your control, you can always learn to take control of those events. You can always learn to become more aware and lucid dreamers in the living manifestations of your own greatest dreams and adventures.

Some of the reasons you may sometimes seem to be an obstinate obstacle to your own satisfaction in your lives may be due to inner conflicts.

You may have very specific, contrary, unconscious motivations to hurt yourselves; you may be psychologically predisposed to punish yourselves for something you may believe you have done wrong.

Alternatively, you may have reasons to feel very ambivalent; you may have no clear preferences for any of the potential outcomes of events in your lives that you imagine may be possible for you to experience.

Sometimes you may have had reasons for surrendering control of your lives to someone else; you may have placed someone other than yourselves in control of your own lives.

You may sometimes fail to recognize that you have always had it within yourselves to take full control of the movies that are the stories of your lives, to fully direct how the scenes and actors will appear and support all of the wonderful roles that you will play.

All of your lives are yours to play with, to edit, and to re-edit until you have perfected the stories of your lives and can manifest them so faithfully that every day of your lives is like living in paradise, so that the very deepest dreams of your souls are written large in your lives, full of grace and wonder.

Aside from neuro-linguistic programming, there are many other ways to learn to be a better director in the movies you manifest to create all of the stories of your own lives.

Prayer is an excellent tool for many people of faith.

Visualization may often be a reliable tool for those people who place more blind faith in atheism than in supernatural divinities.

Both prayer and visualization derive much of their substance from common pools of cultural resources such as artwork, music, theatre, and literature. Most such cultural artifacts have been deeply influenced by ancient occult lore or by our more modern interpretations of those ancient myths and legends that live at the very deepest roots of all of our most fundamental beliefs about ourselves and the worlds we live in.

Whatever path you choose to take in order to explore your own human potentials to learn to manifest your own deepest dreams and dearest desires, you will always be the final directors and editors of all of your own movies of your lives.

All occult systems of knowledge have their origins in self-knowledge. All occult systems of knowledge direct you to learn to know yourself more deeply, more completely.

The occult sciences of alchemy, in particular, help to provide a global architecture to help you learn to organize what you believe you know about yourselves in an extended, indexed context that reveals all of those hidden parts of yourselves that typically remain unconscious, subconscious, or super-conscious aspects of your psyches, the hidden, occult minds of your personal shadows.

All of those parts of yourselves that are beyond your immediate awareness or conscious comprehension are already completely known to you and understood by you in your occult minds by your shadows. Your shadows know all of your secrets, including all of those things you prefer to hide from yourselves; those denied things you may be afraid to know or to remember.

Occult sciences help you to expand your self-awareness. Occult sciences help you to see beyond the narrow limits of your own beliefs so that you may discover new horizons to explore. Occult sciences help you to define new worlds to manifest.

The worlds and universes you learn to manifest with occult sciences help you to learn how to make your lives increasingly happier, healthier, and more hopeful. You learn to become the directors of your destinies. You learn how to cut away your own pains, sorrows, and miseries to reveal your own true beauty, grace, and glory.

Occult sciences help you to learn to reveal all of your hidden virtues, virtues that have always lived in the deepest, sweetest recesses of your own psyches, hearts, and minds.

Occult sciences help you learn to become better directors, editors, and actors in all of your own dramatic movies of your lives.

And cut! Take two...


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