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In Pursuit of Divine Comprehension

{written by : Pieter Heydenrych}

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Noting that by this I am not saying that I have achieved this state, especially since this would likely mean that I would have transcended this plain. However at least I have been able to establish some basic roadmap of the journey that remains ahead of me,...

It has been a long, arduous and at times a rather lonely journey that has brought me to a point where I could truly say that I have found a possible understanding of Devine Comprehension, and what this actually means.

Noting that by this I am not saying that I have achieved this state, especially since this would likely mean that I would have transcended this plain.  However at least I have been able to establish some basic roadmap of the journey that remains ahead of me, in my attempt to achieve this state of understanding.

Starting with Obtaining knowledge

There is not anyone that can argue that this would be an intrinsic part of any journey that could lead to a state of Devine Comprehension.  However as it turns out, this is a concept which is totally shrouded and in some instances totally buried, in the various religions, belief systems and in some cases even life style choices.  And sadly it turns out that in most of these instances you will find only evidence of lies, half truths and with some good fortune some useable threads of truth.

And as so many before as asked.  So what then  is the truth, and how would I find it?

Unfortunately by asking these questions we are actually making an intrinsically advancement undermining mistake.  One which in fact does not truly help us to solve the riddles of  our spiritual journey, but rather holds us back from progressing at any sort of real pace.

But surely finding the truth is important to achieve a state of Devine Comprehension?

Yes it is, however there is one very minor detail that we all tend to forget, and that is simply, “How exactly will you know when you have found the truth?  Can you recognize it for what it is, or are you simply venturing a guess like the rest of us.(An educated one perhaps in some instances, but a guess nonetheless?)”

I’m guessing, and with some real soul searching, you will come to the same conclusion as I have.  It is difficult to find something, if you do not really know what it is.

So I would like to offer another alternative for your journey.  One which will get you to the same place.  Start by learning EVERYTHING.  Yep even the supposedly wrong ones. 

Now I bet your first thought is : “But this is just all wrong!...

Simply put, just another mistake.  Consider this.  If I consider my spiritual journey throughout this life time, I come to one realization.  Every mistake that I have made, has made it possible for me to learn.  And through learning I have progressed, further and further and further… 

The second issue to consider here is your spirit readiness to accept.  In most instances having wrong, or half information can only help to prepare you for the real truth.  Preparation which is absolutely essential for you to make the spirit connection to the truth.

Allow me to explain.  There are many false prophets out there that are out to mislead.  Some intentionally though most are not even aware of their status.  Though by them providing you with incorrect or untrue information they are essentially preparing you to reject it, when you do in fact discover the truth.

And of course, when you do, you usually know.  That is until you find the next truth, and the next, and the next….  The nature of the journey unfortunately..

And last but not the least.  We all get there eventually.  No matter what the journey is we take.  Some take longer, some take shorter.  It does not really matter.  What matters is that we do.  And so let us learn, for even a false truth has a purpose. 

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Pieter Heydenrych is a Reiki master with a passion for learning, and teaching.  And in an attempt to further this objective Pieter has established site called Wicca and Esoteric Library.  A site which is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the totally free distribution of the same, in the form of articles published by various authors and experts, to anyone with an interest in topics of an Esoteric Nature.  

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by Pieter Heydenrych
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