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Past Life Angels

{written by : Jenny Smedley}

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Everyone knows about angels, but this author recently discovered a new, unheard of type of angel that is very different.

Past Life Angels

Whatever your picture of God, or your idea of what he looks like, angels will be there alongside him somewhere. Every religion on the planet has its own version of heavenly host, and every religious text has angels in it. There are various types of angels and they all have different roles to play.

But among these traditional angels there is no mention of any that deal directly, and solely, with our spiritual progress. The concept of angels that do this specifically is new. It seems obvious to me that as well as the better known and accepted angels, there has to be a special league of beings whose purpose is to concentrate entirely on our individual soul paths. I call them Past Life Angels.

I discovered these angels in a series of synchronistic happenings. I noticed that the angels who had visited me were always bringing messages that were somehow associated with past life issues. Then I was given a graphics programme for my computer, quite unexpectedly, and while learning to use it I began producing some interesting abstract work. People started to notice what looked like angelic shapes in these pictures, and, as time progressed, these became clearer and clearer. After a while I also realised that there was a unique angel appearing for every person I did a picture for, which made me start to understand that these angels were specific to the person I was creating the artwork for. Then globes of coloured light began to manifest in the portraits, and at the same time the images became ever clearer, until they were very much more defined pictures of angels. The globes of light were also corresponding to past life issues that were affecting current lives, and helping to pinpoint the solutions to them. The leap from there, to realising that these angels I was painting were solely to do with soul paths, was a small one.

Unlike guardian angels, past life angels are not interested in our physical well-being, in fact their determination and single-mindedness means they can actually inflict physical difficulties on us, if it will achieve their objective. This objective is to get through to our conscious minds, in order to remind us of what’s really going on, and who we really are. The only way they can do this is to remind us of who we were. We are evolved from who we were, and cannot truly know ourselves until we see and acknowledge our whole history.

Past Life Angels are not committed to fulfilling wishes, giving help in times of need, or solace in times of grief. They see each lifetime as a mere drop in the ocean of our being, each mortal episode as nothing more than a stepping-stone for the progress of the soul. They see the whole of our being, of which the current life is no more than the tip of an iceberg, and it is they, above all others, who have to teach us that there is an ultimate benevolent purpose behind everything we go through, good or, seemingly, bad.

They have to teach us to see every ordeal as a valuable learning experience for the soul, and to understand that the best house, car, holiday or any material possession, is worth absolutely nothing at the end of our life. In this modern world where so many, tragically, seem to believe that they could be truly, blissfully happy, if only…if only they could win the lottery, if only they were thinner, if only they were famous. The angels have to show us that the only riches we need to accrue are those of spiritual wealth, for they will determine what happens to us next. They have to show us that being beautiful or famous is not the way to spiritual happiness, which is the only happiness they care about. They have to make us remember that true and lasting happiness is that of the soul, and can only come about when the soul is doing what it needs to do. They do this by trying hard to remind us of our past history. Only by doing this will we remember the master plan for our current physical body, which was constructed to enable our soul to carry out the tasks we planned for it to do on Earth, in order that it could grow and progress as quickly as possible. Because of their onerous task, they can sometimes seem very hard task-masters – they have to be.

Having said all that, when they do succeed in waking us up, the past lives the Angels reveal, can also change our current lives literally out of all proportion, even if that is not their main objective.

Past Life Angels are with your soul when it transits from life to death. They guide it into the ‘other’ world of spirit, and take care of it while it recovers from, and assimilates data from, the life it just left. They nurse the soul through any healing that needs to take place, and accompany it through regaining divine knowledge. They help the soul to analyse everything that has happened to it through all the lives it has thus far experienced, and advise the soul of what should happen in the next physical life in order that it will develop as it’s meant to. Then they accompany the soul through its new birth and watch as it retains its memories and knowledge for a while. By the age of seven years, most people have forgotten their spiritual roots and get caught up in the physical world with all its material attachments. Then the angel stays right alongside the soul throughout the life, giving it the nudges it is permitted to, and needing the soul to re-awaken, shake off material trappings and come back to its real self. This is how it’s meant to be, but of course it doesn’t always work out that way, and then the soul has to repeat that life’s experiences in the next one.

Before we’re born we have a master plan, a definite goal in this lifetime. It’s something we know we have to do, and it can vary from becoming a world leader, to something as simple as unfinished business from a previous life that we have to complete. The problem is that once we’re born, parents, peers, partners, teachers and bosses, change us. They don’t mean to, but they do. Our past life, or soul angels are always trying to jog our memories, knock our subconscious into "go" mode, and they do this by to nudging us along with past life clues. If they succeed in waking us up, our whole lives will take on new meaning. More than this – these angels’ own progress depends on, and is tied to, ours. This is something else that makes them different.

When the Past Life Angels succeed in their ultimate goal, that of getting us to realise that we have had many lives, and the purpose behind those many lives, it’s a kind of ‘passing out’ for them too. Their future development depends on ours. It makes sense to me, because I believe that all souls and spirits must progress, to make their existence have meaning, including angels. So by completing their task, which can take up to 85 of our human lifetimes, past life angels are able to move up closer to their creator. This means that we help them in the same way they help us.

Lots of people worry that they are not capable of connecting with their angels. They think they will never learn to meditate deeply enough to raise their own vibrations to that of their angels. Because of this they think they will never understand what they are meant to be doing in life, and will never connect to the angel hierarchy as they see others seemingly doing all the time, and that this makes them lesser. People really don’t have to worry. The group of angels that are most important to our spiritual welfare, while we are on Earth, use our own subconscious to communicate with us. Everyone can get their messages any time they want to. The lightest meditative state is all that is required to ‘hear’ or ‘see’ the messages from these angels.

Everyone on the planet gets nudges from their past lives. They may be in the form of flashes and visions, or déjà vu, dreams, nightmares, anxieties, obsessions and phobias or just strong emotional ties to unexplained memories of places or people. These things cannot be coming simply from the person’s own subconscious, because if that were so, then it would mean that their subconscious was fully awake and communicating with them regularly and easily. Patently, this is no so, or all our past life memories would be intact. These nudges are coming from an outside agency – an angelic group.

Like I said, past life angels are not concerned by our physical, or even mental, well-being, and they can be fairly ruthless when it comes to reminding us of our own evolution. Not understanding who you really are is like amnesia of the soul.

Your master plan is the ultimate goal for this lifetime and beyond. This is the plan you devised with your Past Life Angel and your soul clan before you came to this life. This scheme that you are meant to unravel and decipher can be almost anything you can think of, and probably a lot you can’t. I’ll give you a couple of examples.

It can be something as simple as cutting a cord. This means that in a past life you were emotionally attached to a person, a place, or an object. This carry-over obsession can block you in your spiritual progress. You may have come to this life determined to overcome this unhealthy attachment and need to ‘cut the cord’. This is easily done with visualisation, but can be surprisingly difficult to do with an attachment that has, after all, travelled with you from another lifetime.

It can be a world-changing quest, or simply a determination to change the world for one person. There are those who came here not to be the one man that changed the whole world, but to be the man, or woman, who changed the world for one person. The signs for this from your angel might be constant little lessons and messages that love is the most important lesson of all. To selflessly love one person, to the extent that you re-make their world around them is often the Master Plan.

This master plan that we came here to carry out is absolutely vital, not only to our spiritual well-being, but also to enable us to take from our physical form that which we need to, in order to learn and progress. Most people, when questioned will say that they constantly feel the pull of some unknown something that they are meant to be doing. People sometimes suffer from depression because they don’t understand what they are really here for. This ‘loss’ that we feel is very real, because it is the loss of the knowledge of what they came here to do – their master plan. We do have something we are meant to do, and yet we often spend our lives struggling against remembering, instead of striving for it, just because we’ve forgotten what it is. There is a reason for this apparently inexplicable failing on our part. When we are born and often for a few years after that, we do remember who we are, and tales of invisible friends and ‘other’ mummies are sadly treated often with smiles by our parents, until vital memories fade along with actual childish fancies. Mind, body and spirit drift apart. We get hauled along in the world, to school were we are moulded further, and then onto jobs and partners, which also unwittingly change us, and take us ever further from our true selves. This is natural, and our task in each and every lifetime is to cast off the shadows and mists of mortal life and remember what we came here for, bringing mind, body and spirit back into unity.

This unity brings use purpose and a divine goal. Having this goal brings passion back to our lives, and the fulfilment gained from each little step on our true path, brings us happiness – true happiness, and not the transient sort we get from material gain.

When this happened to me it totally transformed my life. I called myself by the angelically designated title of seed planter, which perfectly describes my role in this life; the place for my ‘cog’ to fit in the grand scheme of things. Once I understood my task, doors opened for me. This is what happens when we tread the right path – the way becomes easier.

Before this awakening I was an overweight, depressed woman, with no perceivable future or talent, with nothing apparently to look forward to but a gradual, inevitable descent into old age. This was the case despite my being blissfully married with a great son and many material possessions. On discovering my true path I was transformed in a few years, through song writer, TV presenter, author, columnist, radio and TV guest, to feature writer. This is all entirely due, not to being particularly gifted, but to following my master plan, step by step, with my soul angel beside me, smoothing the way.

Types of Angels

THE SERAPHIM guide us in relationships and encourage love. They are said to be the closest to God, sitting beside his throne. These beings are said to be made of a light so intense that even other angels cannot look at them. This light is caused by their absorption of God’s love from such close quarters.

THE CHERUBIM deal with matters of intelligence and insight. These beings are the next nearest to God, and it is they that were sent to expel man from the Garden of Eden.

THRONES are associated with tranquillity and balance, and as such they are the dispensers of God"s judgment; acting with impartialness and humility to bring about the wishes of God.

DOMINATIONS are the go-betweens of the angelic realm. They preside over the upper and lower choirs and allot the tasks of the lower angels. In turn they receive their orders from the higher Cherubim. They are not often witnessed on the Earth plane.

PRINCIPALITIES are involved with the world of humans. They are known as the guardians of nations and direct the activities of the other angels who work on the Earth on a physical level.

POWERS show the lower angels how to conduct themselves. They patrol the boundaries between man and God and are there to guide departed souls to heaven.

VIRTUES are the angels that should be prayed to, to ensure good weather. They are the guardians of nature.

ARCHANGELS are those who communicate directly with humans, and it’s these that our attention should be turned, for they are the ones who constantly strive so hard to help us; something which we tend to make difficult for them. This group includes the principalities, protectors of nations, the archangels, and the angels who protect humans, or Guardian Angels.

The best known Archangels are:

Raphael: the healing angel. Many nurses and doctors say that angels have guided them in their work.
“And now the Lord has sent me to heal thee, for I am the angel Raphael one of the 7 who stand before the Lord”. -Book of Tobias

Gabriel: appears in Daniel. 8:15-26 and 9:21-27. Also appears in Luke 1:11 “Zechariah was in the sanctuary when an angel of the Lord appeared, standing to the right of the incense altar. 19 Then the angel said, "I am Gabriel! I stand in the very presence of God. It was he who sent me to bring you this good news!”

Uriel: is said to be the angel who accompanies death. He is said to stand beside someone who is about to die, to take them to their transformation. Many psychics have said that when the tragedy of September 11th happened, the skies overhead were thick with angels of light, sent to accompany the departed souls to the afterlife.

Michael: appears as a warrior angel Daniel 10:13, 21; and 12:1. Also in Romans. 8:38, Eph. 1:21, and Col. 1:16.

These angels have a lot in common with the archangels, because they too communicate directly with humans.

The Origins of Angels & Various Belief Systems

Angels transcend any notion of religion. The first knowledge of angels came in 6000 BC, when the Persian religion, Zoroastrianism, brought them to light. This ancient religion is similar in many ways to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This Persian culture brought the concept of angels into Judaism.

Islam speaks of the Milaika, who was able to carry messages to Allah from his people, or vice versa. This angel also protects people against evil forces.

Devas are the Buddhist spiritual/celestial equivalent to angels. They are described as very similar, having bodies that are emanations of light or energy. They are also known protectors. These angels are generally confined to just applauding good deeds done by humans, rather than influencing them.

And of course, all the so called ‘new age’ religions, which are actually based on the most ancient religions of them all, receive their messages and signs from angels or spirit guides.

There are sadly, a myriad of differences between the various religions, some of which cause conflict, but there are two areas in which all religions have common ground – that of wanting to help mankind to evolve to co-exist with God, and the other is, angels.

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I have recently been given a gift to produce unique and original portraits of people’s own special angels. (See images) Details can be found on my website. More about these entities, and how to connect with them can be found in Past Life Angels – ISBN 1 905047 31 2 £9.99 published by O Books To get a portrait of your own past life angel, or to find out more about the author, go to:

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